Wisps of Spanish Memory

I recently returned from a week’s vacation in Spain, and here are some thoughts:

1. iPhone mania is international. I would estimate that iPhones (mostly 4’s) represented 60-70% of the phones I saw in use in Madrid and Valencia.

2. Spain is really pretty. See below.

Spanish alley

3. It turned out to be Gay Pride weekend in Madrid. This looked exactly like Gay Pride weekend in San Francisco, but with a Spanish soundtrack.

4. Picasso’s Guernica is amazing. The photo below doesn’t do it justice.

In the Prado

5. Spanish hotel chains have a weak grasp on grammar, as indicated below:

All about whom? You? Me?

6. They eat a lot of ham in Spain. Jamon. Serrano, Iberico, and many other types. It’s all delicious. I want some right now.

7. High speed trains. 200 mph from Madrid to Valencia. Awesome.


2 responses to “Wisps of Spanish Memory

  1. your photo of the Spanish alley is beautiful. I’d like to wander there and get lost.
    would love to know what you find amazing about the Picasso piece? of course it’s “amazing” because it’s Picasso (or so they say) – but what specifically do you find amazing?

  2. That was one great list of what you observed in Spain. The top list is a worldwide craze. Spain is a beautiful place from what I was told and the picture confirmed it. thanks for the visit

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