I’m someone who is interested in popular culture, politics and business, and especially in their nexus and interplay. I’ve worked on Wall Street and on Main Street. I’ve studied on the west coast (economics) and the east coast (religion). Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley and so have technology leanings. This blog is a random assortment of thoughts on things I find interesting. You can reach me, if you wish, via email: thoughtbasket [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. Hello,
    I am not sure how this works blogs/comments) or who sees it. I was born before TV was common and didn’t see one before I was 6, so the learning curve takes a little longer. Sylvia turned me on to your site in part because of our extended political conversations and our ongoing interest in what you are doing.
    As to the present political and mostly economic climate, I am really, really angry. I am always leaning that way, not because the politicians don’t agree with me, but because they always seem to do and say stupid things that are almost always self serving whether for their own prestige/ego or their OTHER constituents be it lobbyists or big money cronies.
    In the current weeks events (I have taken to calling them the rainy days) it seem they, the administration, have forgotten what a rainy day fund is. I have one and if things keep going as they are I may not have one either.
    So what do we do with Pandora’s box? Who is going to be held accountable? I suppose we all could for wanting too much too fast, but humans are humans and that is why we have regulations and rule off law. So we pull back, hunker down, fix it and don’t forget.
    Education in a certain subject is the use of experience to set up rules that work for that subject.
    Rule of law seems to be the use education that makes things right and wrong.
    These people running the finances didn’t seem to respect either premise.
    I suppose as the old saying says, heads will role. But I am afraid they will roll to Dubai or some other safe haven for the millions of $ that went somewhere. It didn’t just vanish. It is somewhere. Enough for now.

  2. zeusiswatching

    I’m adding you to my nascent blog roll. Interesting stuff here.

  3. I have chosen anonymity to give myself the freedom to express my thoughts without worrying about how friends, family, business colleagues or irate strangers will react to those thoughts.

  4. Interesting collection. I hope that you enjoy stimulating debate.

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