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Time for America to Dig In

I have mostly given up on Thomas Friedman at the NY Times, since he generally seems hopelessly out of touch.  But he recently published a column talking about how America’s fiscal difficulties will force us to retrench in our foreign policy. We won’t be able to afford to be the world’s policeman going forward.  Unless, of course, we bear down and make the tough decisions necessary to get our economy growing again. You know, entitlement reform, tax reform, etc. All the stuff our politicians seem unable to do. So let’s encourage them to start making the hard decisions that will enable America to keep kicking ass.

Benefits to U.S. of International Organizations

Historian David Kennedy wrote an interesting article in The Atlantic about how President Wilson tried to bridge the realist and idealist camps of American foreign policy by setting up the League of Nations. Kennedy describes how the League failed, but how the UN, the IMF and other international organizations have generally managed to recognize the primacy of sovereign states and acknowledge the power of the United States while making the world “safe for democracy,” in Wilson’s words. The article is a good primer on why even the world’s most powerful nation can benefit from strong international organizations.