Lady Gaga: Vaccine Required?

I was discussing with a friend today the merits (and demerits) of Lady Gaga. My friend noted that her songs “were catchy.” Dude, swine flu is catchy, but that doesn’t make it good.

2 responses to “Lady Gaga: Vaccine Required?

  1. Pop culture is just that. Lady Gaga, loud and sometimes laughable will have her day in the sun and someone else will come along. Time does a great job of sorting out things of merit and things that deserved to be ephemeral and are largely forgotten.

    Of course, in the meantime don’t be surprised if there isn’t a college seminar for sociology and psychology students about “the music of Lady Gaga from an interpersonal perspective. ” Now that would make the swine flu seem like an acceptable alternative.

  2. Lady Gaga = swine flu? I was not saying it was “good”, or music that will last the test of time. As I said the other day, music (and other forms of art) can run the gamut of fun to serious, catchy to complex. Sometimes you want something complicated to open your mind to new and exciting possibilities (a la Bach or da Vinci), and sometimes you want something to make you smile (the aforementioned Lady Gaga and pop art that exists to amuse). Yes, time will weed out the serious from the non, as it should, but sometimes you just want to tap your toe and sing along.

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