Anger at Wall Street Grows

Just a few links to articles showing how fed up folks are getting with Wall Street.

  • The NY Times with a column from a former corporate lawyer calling for a windfall profits tax on Goldman Sachs
  • Salon telling Wall Street to “just shut up” and advocating limits to lobbying by financial firms
  • A new regulatory manifesto by a fed up investment banker
  • And just for fun, an attack on private equity’s quest for capital gains tax treatment

It’s starting to look like enough people are fed up that something might happen. Of course, the financial industry has already spent $350 million this year on lobbying, setting a record, and we know that politicians listen to money more than they listen to voters.


One response to “Anger at Wall Street Grows

  1. Thanks for the links. It’s good to know it’s not just us ordinary Americans out here in frustration-land who are ANGRY.

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