Medical Doctors: Stop Being Greedy

Check out this article about the panel that decides how Medicare reimburses every procedure, doctor visit or call in the medical world. The panel is completely run by the AMA, and dominated by specialists. So, big surprise, specialist visits and procedures are continually going up in value, while simple visits to your GP stay static. And the government does nothing to stop this; instead, the AMA — an organization of doctors — gets to decide how much doctors should get paid. Paid by taxpayers.

This is why simple tests cost $3,000, or why my GP tried to charge me $250 to spend 90 seconds freezing off a wart (I refused to pay). I have commented before on how greedy doctors are no better than subprime mortgage traders on Wall Street, and this article adds evidence to my viewpoint. A system where people get to decide on their own compensation is a bad system, and a world where jerk off dermatologists (yes, I’m talking about you, Dr. K) think they deserve $500k per year is a world with misplaced priorities.

So, AMA, organization of money-grubbing doctors that has fought health care reform for the past 60 years, I say to you: stop being greedy and screwing over your patients.


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