“Death Panels” Are Another GOP Lie

Check out this NY Times article which shows in detail how the ridiculous rumor about “death panels” in the current health care reform effort came from the same sources whose lies helped kill Clinton’s health care reform. Why do Republicans so hate health care reform? Do they really think it’s OK for poor people to get worse health care than wealthy ones?


One response to ““Death Panels” Are Another GOP Lie

  1. First, Republicans don’t want to have to pay for the health care of poor people and don’t seem to realize that they pay anyway with high health care costs for all Americans. Second, I don’t think that health care is really the issue at all – what they see is the handwriting on the wall. The U.S. is changing demographically and they can’t bear the idea of power no longer being held by the familiar – old white men . The lies about health care are a tool to bring down our African-American President. Rabid hate groups are springing up like crazy and health care can’t engender this much hate – it’s just the harbinger of change.

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