Rolling Stone Hates Goldman Sachs

If you have the time, I recommend reading this Rolling Stone article. It places Goldman Sachs at the center of every financial bubble since the Great Depression, and details how the firm has profited greatly from the travails of the average investor. I don’t necessarily agree with the author’s focus on Goldman. I think all the big investment banks have been doing this; Goldman just does it biggest and best. But I do think that the banks have been  manipulating prices and selling securities that they knew were crap. And, as mentioned by John Talbott and Simon Johnson in my new favorite article, if there were just one criminal investigation that started to subpoena internal emails, we would see all kinds of nefarious behavior exposed. In fact, just yesterday the Commodity Futures Trading Commission came out with a study that blamed last year’s crazy oil prices on financial speculators, rather than on operating supply and demand.


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