Gitmo Prisoner in US: Run, Run for Your Life!

Just a few hours after I posted yesterday regarding the ridiculous fear surrounding the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to the United States, a story comes out that Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, a suspect in the 1998 embassy bombings, was moved from Gitmo to the federal detention facility in New York City so that he can stand trial in federal court. Yes, you heard that right: the federal lockup in Manhattan, not the Supermax prison in Colorado. The same facility that currently houses Bernie Madoff. Are New Yorkers leaving town to avoid this horrible danger? Will the authorities order the evacuation of Manhattan? No, of course not. Ghailani (oddly close to Giuliani, don’t you think?) is under massive guard, and nobody thinks he will escape. The only person worked up about this is notorious douchebag John Boehner, who called the move ”the first step in the Democrats’ plan to import terrorists into America.”


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