Auto Industry Bailout Follow Up

The NY Times is reporting that one of the things that kept the Republicans in the Senate from supporting the bailout was the UAW’s refusal to take any pay cuts until 2011. From the article, it sounds like Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) and UAW President Ron Gettelfinger are both lying, but regardless, if the UAW isn’t willing to make concessions right now, whether pay cuts or benefit cuts or work rule changes, then let the car companies go under and the UAW members find other jobs.


One response to “Auto Industry Bailout Follow Up

  1. Thoughtbasket – let’s look deeper than the NY Times reporting. We have to acknowledge the political games being played in the Senate. States that are home to American auto-makers voted for Obama and the southern-state Republicans are playing pay-back. The unions also supported Obama and the Repubs are going to use this as a way to punish them and try to bust the UAW. Those southern state Republicans (and I’m sure you’ve heard Corker called the Senator from Nissan) have foreign auto plants in their states and paid millions to attract them and now provide more millions in tax breaks. So, it’s OK to support foreign auto-makers, but not Americna owned companies? How does this make sense?

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